Polycab UPVC Conduits are confirming to the IS: 9537 (Part 3) Standard Polycab UPVC Fittings are confirming to the IS: 3419 Standard

Salient Features

  • Durable & high impact resistance
  • Corrosion free
  • Resistance to Fungal Attack
  • Thermally more stable & suitable for specific Environment
  • Smooth finish makes pulling of Wires &installation easy
  • Available in various Diameters & Grades
  • Available in light, medium & heavy mechanical stress (LMS, MMS & HMS) suites to varied application &site conditions
  • Wide range of Components maximize applications
  • Polycab Fittings, Circular Boxes are provided with high quality brass inserts to withstand demanding site conditions


  • 20MM LMS, MMS & HMS
  • 25MM LMS, MMS & HMS
  • 32MM LMS, MMS & HMS
  • 40MM LMS, MMS & HMS
  • 50MM LMS, MMS & HMS
  • Fittings of 20MM & 25MM are available


The standard available Colors are BLACK, GREY & WHITE However other colors can be supplied on demand.

Conduit Types

Conduits are available in Non- Socket & in With Socket as well