3M Electro & Communications India Pvt. Ltd manufactures and markets products for power utilities, industries and electrical/electronic OEMs. Products include power cable jointing kits and terminations including heat shrink, cold shrink and cast resin technologies; electrical and electronic specialty insulating tapes and tapes for electrical MRO applications.

3M Heat Shrink Technology offers complete range of Cable Jointing & Termination kits for XLPE, PILC, PVC & EPR Cables from 1.1 kV to 36 kV voltage grades. The heat shrinkable components & tubing undergo cross linking through chemical cross linking process.
Heat Shrink product range also includes various heat shrinkable components viz. Rain Sheds, Breakouts (two way, three way, four way), Right angle & Straight boots, Cable end caps, Wrap around sleeves, Bus bar tubing, Medium wall & Dual wall tubes.
We deal in following electrical products from 3M:
  • LT Cable Jointing Kits for 1.1 KV Cables
  • Push on Terminations & Straight Through Kits
  • Heat Shrink Terminations & Straight Through kits
  • Tapex Straight through Jointing Kits
  • Kastex Terminations & Jointing Kits
  • PILC Cable Jointing Kits
  • Cold Shrink Straight through & Terminations Kits