Shri Girish Shah is a live example of what vision, perseverance and hard work can achieve, From a small start in 1973 as a supplier of electrical goods, in 43 years to date, he is looked upon by everybody as someone who has always led by his own example. His training as an Electrical & Mechanical Engineer certainly helped in his business but this phenomenal growth is entirely due to his strong character, “ never say die” attitude and being a change leader. is fortunate to get his constant guidance and encouragement. This is already reflected in the rapid growth of the start-up.
He is also deeply involved in various social and service activities, thereby contributing to the betterment of our society-specially, the needy people.
Mr. Bhavin Shah is the driving force of the business. He is a Bachelor of Engineering from Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya, Vallabh Vidhyanagar; Gujarat. With a solid business background and an outstanding track record of 19 years with Green Electricals Pvt. Ltd. as Managing Director.

The Green group acquired R.A. Electricals in 2014, a leading supplier of cables and wires in Ahmedabad since 1962. He is also associated with R.A.Electricals as managing partner.

With changing times, Mr. Bhavin had the vision to provide a one-stop solution for Buyers and Sellers, He started India’s first dedicated electrical e-commerce portal . He is working as CEO of the company.

His outlook is global and management style is modern and innovative. He has successfully completed Owners /President Management Program from Harvard Business School – Boston USA.Under his mentorship, the Group is sure to progress rapidly.

Message: Green Electricals can look back with justifiable pride that it has coped up with the changing times very well. Over the years new products have been introduced and a lot of products have undergone continuous improvement. We have always been the first to introduce new products and taken utmost care to see that the customer gets the products best suited to their particular requirements. This special additional input has earned us a lot of goodwill and cemented our relationship with our customers. We reaffirm our dedication and devotion to the service of our customers by providing near zero lead time, excellent after sale services and the most reasonable prices.

Ms.Hirna Shah compliments the vision and efforts required to achieve high standards, in her capacity as General Manager – Channel Development. She is a B.Com from The M.S.University of Baroda and she has successfully handled retail sales & supply chain management for Green Electricals.
Arpit Choksi – CEO Looking after operations of Green Electricals mainly focusing on Industries and large projects sales. He is leading Sales team and part of Strategic Management team. He has been associated with the organization since 2004.