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Welcome to Green Electricals
Green Electricals was established in 1973 in Vadodara,Gujarat; India. The company holds the legacy of a successful past laced with consistency, and a path leading to incredible growth. Today, after more than forty years of providing their clients with high quality electrical solutions, Green is a leading name and lighting the core area in the electrical industry. With a laudable position in the industry today, Green is working towards its dream and vision of becoming the most preferred supplier of world class electrical products including power equipment in India. Read More…

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Director – Vision 2020

Green Electricals can look back with justifiable pride that it has coped up with the changing times very well. Over the years new products have been introduced and a lot of products have undergone continuous improvements. We have always been the first to introduce new products and taken utmost care to see that the customer gets the products best suited for his particular requirements.This special additional input has earned us a lot of goodwill and cemented our relationship with our customers. more

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